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Night Activities


Night Activities

Night Hike: Discovering the forest at night is the main objective of this class. We focus on using our senses in the activities, games, and stories during this hike. In addition, we challenge the students’ own fear of the dark by expanding their comfort zones. (Always Included)

Campfire: An opportunity for students and teachers to laugh, sing, and have a lot of fun together on the last night of camp. Students perform skits that they have worked on all week. (Always Included)

Orienteering: To introduce students to the history and function of a compass. They learn how to identify its parts, find coordinates, and navigate an orienteering course. (Option #1)

Habitat Clue: Predator, Prey and Habitat relationships are the focus of this activity. Student creativity, cabin team building and critical thinking are all included. (Option #2)

Adaptation Transformation: To teach kids to think of adaptations in terms of their function, to strengthen cabin relationships, encourage creativity and teamwork. (Option #3)